Bruce Wojick Encore!!!!
The musical encore has become contrived so when an enthusiastic group of people spontaneously called Bruce Wojick and his magnificent rhythm section back to the stage last night it was wonderful and authentic. [Read More...]
Bruce Wojick: Rocking in the Cafe
Each year millions of visitors come to Niagara Falls to see the three waterfalls that make up the city's namesake; but falling water and fast rapids are not the only treasure that can be found in Niagara Falls.
Western New York is filled with talented musicians who can be found in local venues all around the area each week. On August 21, Niagara Falls native Bruce Wojick entertained the crowd at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Armed with only his acoustic guitar, Wojick produced some big sounds from the tiny stage. While he considers himself a rock musician; Wojick's baritone voice would fit right in on a Country music station alongside Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Brad Paisley.

Performing one long two hour set, Wojick performed some cover songs by Jackson Browne, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, and Muddy Waters. But much of the night was given to Wojick's own music from his two albums including “Worried Sick”, “Looking at My Life”, “When the Smoke Clears”, “Cadillac Kid”, “Holiday Inn”, “Big Bad Town”, “Cheap Wine”, “Powerlines”, “Thousand Dollar Car”, and “Why Can't You See”.
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“EYES WIDE OPEN” – Klear Record Release Party
I have my ears, heart and eyes wide open for this band. I have had the pleasure to hear this band a few times, but Saturday night, Klear took the stage to give us a taste of their new music, their first record in 11 years.....The overall stage presence of this band leaves you smiling and in such a good mood that you will remember the event for years. [Read More...]
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